Finished Reports are custom data products generated from SeaVision data to complement the data export capability.  Unlike the basic export capability that allows you to export data to JSON, CSV, or XML, Finished Reports give the user the ability to download polished, finished Vessel Detail Reports in .PDF, .PPT or .Doc  file types.

To download a Vessel Details Report, open the Vessel Card for the specific vessel on the SeaVision map.

vessel card

The Vessel Card is organized with tabs for the various types of data related to the vessel:

  • Summary contains the latest AIS Voyage information
  • Details includes Ship Registration data, Crew Nationality, Past Ports of Call, Name/Ownership Change History, Inspection History 
  • EEZ History is a listing of all EEZs entered for the previous 90 days
  • Port History is a listing of all port callings for the previous 90 days
  • Rules includes a list of any User Defined Rules the vessel matches
  • Alerts includes a list of any User Defined Alerts the vessel matches
  • Lists is a listing of any vessel lists the vessel appears on
  • Notes includes any vessel notes for the vessel
  • Warnings contains safety and security ratings for the vessel

When you click on 'Download Report(PDF)' from the menu, you will be prompted to select which of these tab section you want included in the report.  

Selection for Vessel Details report

Once you click 'Download', you'll see a message near the top of the map indicating the PDF is being prepared.  Click 'Dismiss'. 

Message tells you PDF is being prepared

When the download finishes, you'll see it at the bottom of your Chrome window. 


Click the file name to open it.  The following is a preview of a Vessel Details Report PDF.

Finished Report

Please note, downloading a Vessel Details Report in .PPT format is only available in a “Ship Data Card” format with predetermined vessel information.