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SeaVision version 2.3 map page


SeaVision is a web-based maritime situational awareness tool that enables users to view and share a broad array of maritime information to improve maritime operations.  To assist the user in managing the information, SeaVision provides user defined rules based analytics to evaluate and notify the user of defined maritime activities or events.  SeaVision is a low cost visualization and management tool that has the ability to quickly add and correlate multiple data sources to meet various mission needs.

What SeaVision Can Do

  • View & track position & movement information for tens of thousands of ships around the world with advanced filtering & search capabilities.

  • Provide users the ability to develop a standardized set of user-defined queries and automated business rules to integrate and correlate data necessary for conducting risk assessments, highlight anomalies, and generate alerts and warnings that automatically notify users. 

  • Enable users to easily share advanced searches, rules, alerts, shapes and vessel lists with other users within thier Community and Persona. 

  • Query large amounts of data & see where a vessel has been and/or its expected destination.

  • Allow users to import & export data products, layers, shapes etc. into the system.

  • Monitor Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) transits & port visits.