Map Views

Along the right-hand side of the map, there is a numbered menu for Map Views.  

Map Views and Jump to Location

The Map drop-down also provides quick access to your saved Map Views

The Go to Map item takes you back to the map while maintaining any filters and the zoom-level you selected when last viewing the map.

Go to Map   

The other items in the Map drop-down consist of your saved Map Views.  Every user starts with a default Map View named World.  Use the numbered menu on the right-hand side of the map to save up to six Map Views per persona.  

Saving a Map View

  1. Click the Edit button represented with a pencil.

Edit Map View

2. The User Views configuration tab is displayed at the bottom of the screen.  

User Views config tab

3. Enter a Name for the view and select the Number to assign the view. 

4. Optionally, select the Default Checkbox if you want the view to be the default display when you login to SeaVision. 

5. Click Save.