Navigation Bar


At the top of the screen is the SeaVision black navigation bar that is viewable from both the Map and the Dashboard.


From left to right, this bar contains:

  • The menu  menu button (clicking it toggles open/close the left-side menu);
  • The SeaVision logo;
  • The drop-down options for both the Map and the Dashboard;
  • The Search feature which allows you to perform searches, which can be saved, shared, and results displayed on the map;
  • The Chat link which opens SeaVision Chat in a separate browser tab;
  • The status notifications for your Request Inbox, when your Community Manager has take action on your request;
  • The Switch Persona drop-down, which allows users with multiple personas to switch between them;
  • The User drop-down, where you can update your password, set your preferences, etc.;
  • The Help offers solutions to common issues and a link to the SeaVision User Guide;
  • The UTC clock provides a quick reference for the current UTC time