Vessel Lists


Vessel Lists enable you to keep track of ships you are interested in tracking or reviewing.  You can create multiple lists and add vessels to a list by MMSI or IMO.  The results of a Search, Rule or Alert can be saved as a new list.  Vessel Lists can also be used as an additional filter criteria on a user-defined Search or Rule.  

Column settings allow you to choose columns to display when viewing vessel lists.  Clicking on a row in the vessel list opens the vessel details.  You can also turn on history trails for an entire list or individual vessels in a list.  The mini-map displays an overview of current vessel positions on the map.   

SeaVision supports exporting the list to a KML, XML, JSON, or CSV file.  Vessel lists can be shared to a Persona or Community.  Additionally you can add and view vessel notes which may also be shared to a Persona or Community.