Operator Course Training Guides and Videos

Course Mission Statement: This video course was designed to teach the knowledge and skills needed to perform basic user operations using the SeaVision application in an operational environment. Upon completion, students will be able to:

- Search, save, and automatically run large amounts of data and see where a vessel or groups of vessels have been or are going. See position and movement information for thousands of ships around the world, filter data by vessel characteristics, and perform advanced vessel searches. Calculate the distance of an object, location, or vessel from one or more points.

- Set automated analytics, such as Alerts and Rules, based upon user-created criteria. Monitor Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) transits, port visits, port callings.

- Receive emails and notifications about vessels that match user-created criteria. Chat with other users and send direct messages. Share objects of interest and user-created searches, shapes, alerts, rules, notes, and vessel list with others in their group (persona) and/or community.

Instructions: Use the links below to select a lesson. Course material and an instructional video are provided for each lesson.