SeaVision Static Layers are map overlays of publicly available information, aggregated vessel data and user defined indicators for use as quick reference, visualization and analytic tools.


Static Layers are accessed by selecting the Menu icon on the left of the SeaVision navigation bar and expanding the Static Layers drop down.

SL 1


Static Layers can be activated by selecting the toggle next to the desired layer 

Current SeaVision Static Layers include:


Vessel Name

SL 2


Country Borders

SL 3


Areas of Operation - United States Navy Numbered Fleets Areas of Operation


Exclusive Economic Zones

SL 4


Alerts - Displays an alert icons next to vessels that match the users current and active alerts

Additional Alerts information can be found here .

SL 5


Rules - Displays a rules icon next to vessels that match the users current and active rule sets

Additional Rules information can be found here

SL 6


Warnings - Vessels with High, Medium or Low Safety and Security ratings are displayed with the applicable colored halo surrounding the vessel icon.

Additional vessel Warning information can be found here.

SL 7


Vessel Lists - Vessels that match a users Custom Vessel List are rendered with heavy bolded outlines

Additional Vessel list information can be found here

SL 8


AIS Vessels Summary - Opens an AIS analytic widget that provides real-time AIS information for Vessels that are currently displayed.

SL 9


Boundaries - Displays the boundary boxes of certain Non-AIS data sources collections.

Please note: Due to licensing restrictions, non-AIS data sources and associated boundary information may not be available to all users. 


Anomalous & Invalid Data - Displays Anomalous and Invalid data icons next to vessels that are potentially broadcasting invalid AIS data.

Additional information regarding Anomalous and Invalid data can be found here.

SL 10


History of Changes- Displays an "H" icon next to vessels who have changed their broadcasted AIS information within determined time period.  Additional information regarding the History of Change feature can be found here.



Nautical Charts - Nautical Charts are available for the United States and its territorial waters. 

Please note: Nautical Charts available in SeaVision no not meet USCG chart carriage requirements for vessels and should not be used for navigation purposes.

Nautical Charts