Users have the ability to apply Map Filters to the SeaVision map to quickly view vessels that match preferred information.  The Map Filters menu can be accessed by selecting the filter icon at the bottom of the SeaVision map.



SeaVision Map Filters can be applied to the following:

Vessel Type - Users can quickly filter for the types of vessels they wish to display on the SeaVision map.  Simply select the vessel type(s) of interest and SeaVision will automatically display vessels that match the selection.

The following screen shot shows the map filtered for Cargo, Fishing and tanker vessels.


To display all Vessel Types, unselect all of the checkboxes, and the system will automatically refresh to display all.


Data Sources - SeaVisions Primary Data Source is terrestrial and Satellite based Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), although more data sources maybe available to users depending on their community and licensing requirements.  Additional information regarding the selection and visualization of different data sources can be found here



Vessel Age - The SeaVision map will only display vessels that have broadcast position reports within a selected amount of time.  This window of time is called the Vessel Age.  Iffor example, the Vessel Age filter is set to three days, SeaVision will only display vessels who have broadcast position reports within the past three days. The SeaVision map default is set to six hours, although, users select a Vessel Age window of anywhere between one hour and last 90 days.  


AIS and Ship Registry information - SeaVision allows users to filter the map based on information received in AIS reports, as well as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) ship registry database.  AIS and Ship Registry fields that are available for filtering can be accessed via the Map Filters menu. 



Extended vessel information - Extended filters refers to the capability to filter for vessels based on User Defined inputs or Analytic characteristics of a vessel.  User Defined filters are derived from Rules, Alerts and Custom Vessel Lists that are available to all users via the Dashboard menu.  Additional information regarding the Dashboard, Alerts, Rules and Custom Vessel lists can be found here.

Analytic characteristics of a vessel include their Safety and Security Warning scores, as well as any anomalous behavior or data that has been identified.  Additional information regarding the SeaVision anomalous data feature can be found here. 

Extended filters