SeaVision Map Settings allow the user to further configure how and what content is displayed on the SeaVision map.  Map Settings can be accessed by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the SeaVision screen.

map settings 1


Customizable settings available in the Map Setting menu include the following:


Configurable Map Refresh rates - Users can customize when the SeaVision map refreshes and displays updated data.  SeaVision offers two methods of customization, the map refresh Delay and the map refresh Interval.

  • The Map Refresh Delay refers to the amount of time before the map refreshes after a user pans or jumps to a geographical region. This delay can be set between 0-10 seconds.
  • The Map Refresh Interval refers to the amount of time SeaVision automatically updates and display vessel information.  The interval can be set between 0-10 minutes.



Vessel Clustering Method - Users can choose to view vessel density as a Dynamic Heat Map, which updates based on vessel activity and map zoom ranges.

vessel clustering


Length of Vessel History Trail - Users have the ability to view Vessel History trails for up to 90 days in the past.  Users can modify this by simply selecting the desired length from the History Trail Length drop down menu.  The SeaVision Default setting is to display 6 days.

history trail

Vessel Age Labels - displays the duration of time since the last position report was received.


Dead Reckoning Vectors - Users can choose to view Dead Reckoning Vectors by activating the "Dead Reckoning markers and vectors" toggle.  

Additional information regarding the Dead Reckoning feature can be found on the following page.