SeaVision provides users with the ability to view vessels that are reporting Anomalous or Invalid data, IMOs and MMSIs.  

Vessels that are determined to be Anomalous have reported a non-geofeasible change in position as well as recent name changes.

IMO and MMSIs are considered invalid when they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • IMO Number is not a valid length
  • IMO Number not found in Registry
  • IMO Number checksum is not valid
  • MMSI mismatch in Registry
  • MMSI is in list of known bad MMSIs
  • MMSI is not a valid length
  • MMSI MID code is not within valid range




Vessels with identified Anomalous and/or Invalid data will appear on the map with a static layer icon next to their vessel position.  Data explanations are provided at the top of the Vessel Data Card.




In addition to providing an Anomalous Data static layer, SeaVision allows users to filter the map view to only view vessels with Anomalous MMSIs or Invalid IMO numbers.

AD Filtering