SeaVision User Guide

SeaVision is an internet-accessible, unclassified maritime situational awareness tool with the ability to visualize vessel positions, track the history of ship movements, conduct searches, and set up automated alerts and rules based on the user's mission requirements. SeaVision features are continuously evolving and expanding as they are developed, enhanced and deployed to the system. The purpose of this user guide is to provide a comprehensive overview of features in SeaVision and a simple step-by-step instruction into their basic use.  

This User Guide is arranged to align with how features are accessed within the system. Users that are familiar with the system can use the following links to navigate directly to their area of interest, while users that are new to SeaVision, may want to start with the Maps section in the links below and proceed in order through the user guide.


Accounts & Access:  Request an Account, Account Configuration, Mobile access, Multilingual User Interface

Maps Navigation Bar, Map Views, Jump to Location, Map Filters, Map Settings, Vessel Data Card Settings, Keyboard Shortcuts

My Layers Shapes, Maritime & Port Risk, Custom layers, Port Details

Static Layers: Static Layers, Anomalous Data

Map Tools: Manual Reports, Sim Tracks, Distance Tool, Time Machine and Playback

Vessel Data Card Content and Functionality

Dashboard: Alerts, Rules, MSSIS Contribution, Vessel Lists, Warnings


Chat: Chat, File sharing

Vessel Details Menu: Vessel Details, Finished Reports, Owner/Operator Details

SeaVision Public API