VIIRS Ship Detections


VIIRS is the NASA/NOAA Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite that collects global data nightly.  The VIIRS day/night band was designed to detect clouds at night using moonlight making it possible to detect lit fishing boats by the light they emit at night.  The VIIRS data in SeaVision shows date, time, location and radiance of boat detections.

Viewing VIIRS data on the map


1. To enable the VIIRS data source, open Map Filters

2. Select the Data Sources tab

3. Select the checkbox next to VIIRS

Enable VIIRS Data Source

4. Select the Vessel Age tab

5. Set Max Vessel Age to 2 days

Set Vessel Age

6. Bring up the vessel card to view details of the ship detection by clicking on the icon VIIRS icon

View baseball card


Since this VIIRS boat detection is not correlated to an AIS report the flag placeholder shows '?' and the name displayed is a non-unique ID assigned by VIIRS.  

VIIRS Baseball Card