Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use SeaVision?

SeaVision is a United States government application that is used broadly for a variety of missions that support maritime domain awareness. Community Managers conduct vetting of applicants and assign user accounts for SeaVision. The Community Managers control which users have access to what data within their community. US government personnel can use SeaVision to view government available data by simply requesting an account for the “US Government” Community. Users from partner nations or other US agencies and organizations that wish to view other than available government data will be approved/denied access to data depending on the mission they support.

How do I receive training for SeaVision?

SeaVision is broadly used as an unclassified, non-PKI tool for the United States and partner nations. SeaVision is incrementally updated with enhanced functionality and improved user interface designs based on US Navy requirements and user feedback. Training SeaVision users is a key component to maximizing all of the features and functions within SeaVision to increase global maritime domain awareness.

General Functionality:

The SeaVision team continuously builds and updates training materials and background information to deliver clear understanding of the SeaVision platform functionality and how to maximize its capability, regardless of community or persona affiliation.

Community Specific Training:

Each community within the enterprise has its own defined goals and requirements. Training on SeaVision use or processes supporting specific operational processes within those communities (such as Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)) is the responsibility of the Community Manager.

The SeaVision team provides training in several formats. For more information, see Training.

How much does SeaVision cost?

Using SeaVision as a maritime situational awareness tool to view and share available government data is free for US government personnel and partner nations within the Maritime Safety and Security Information System (MSSIS) network/program. Find out more information about MSSIS here open_in_new.

Commercial data is purchased by Combatant Commands or other US government agencies and integrated into SeaVision at no cost for users within their community to assist with their operational missions. Access to the various commercial data sources within SeaVision is managed and approved/denied by the Community Managers of the specific Community.

How can I get a SeaVision account?

  1. Find a Community. The first step is to find the SeaVision community that aligns to your mission and supports your information sharing needs.
  2. Visit SeaVision Website. Once you have identified which community to join, go to SeaVision. You will be prompted to agree to the user agreement, and then click the “Request New Account” link.
  3. Validate Your Email. Enter your email address and click “Register.” Check your email and follow the link in the validation email to request a new account.
  4. Request New Account. Complete all fields of the “New Account Request” form and click “Submit Request.” Your request is routed to the Community Manager for the community you have requested to join.
  5. Receive Account Created Email. Once you have been vetted and your account approved by the Community Manager, you will receive an Account Created email letting you know your SeaVision account is ready for use.

Which browsers does SeaVision support?

SeaVision is optimized for the Google Chrome web browser. The Firefox web browser is also compatible, however, for the best user experience Chrome is recommended.

How do I install SeaVision on a mobile device?

See the instructions here.

SeaVision does not appear to be launching after logging-in; what could be the problem?

A common issue is a full cache in the user’s web browser.

How can I provide feedback on what I would like to see in SeaVision?

Users can report a bug, suggest a feature, or ask a question from within SeaVision. After logging in to SeaVision, look for the User Feedback button on the lower right side of the user interface to get started.

I’m not finding the solution to my problem. Is there user support?

Contact the help desk.

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